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Westland John Innes No.1 Young Plant Compost 10L


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John Innes composts were developed over 50 years ago and are based on a traditional recipe of sterilised loam, peat and horticultural grit with added nutrients.

44% peat
Fill pot with compost. Water and allow to drain. Make hole in compost. Holding seedling gently by the leaves, transfer to the new pot. Press compost firmly around the seedling. Water the plant regularly and feed after 4 weeks. Place the pots in a warm well ventilated location. Cut and remove non flowering 10cm shoot. Trim to leave top two pairs of leaves. Dip in rooting gel. Insert firmly into compost, water and place in poly bag, in warm spot away from direct sunlight.

One bag fills approximately 50x 10cm pots

Features and benefits
Westland John Innes No. 1 Young Plant Compost, a loam based compost which is a naturally reduced peat mix, is specifically designed to establish young seedlings and plants. Westland John Innes Seed Sowing Compost is the best choice for young plants.

Gives young plants the best start in life
Contains vital nutrients which feed for five weeks
Encourages healthy growth

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