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Gro-Sure Vermiculite (Pouch) 10L


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Gro-Sure Vermiculite 10 litre
Naturally occuring light-weight material,
Helps retain moisture nutrients,
Provides insulation for healthy seed germination.

Vermiculite absorbs nutrients, preventing them from being washed out and then releases them as required to plant roots. It helps to retain water and holds moisture near to plant roots. Vermiculite is a naturally occurring, non-toxic material that has been heated to a high temperature to produce a lightweight material with a high surface area. It has an attractive golden colour with a typical particle size of 2-5mm.

Uses: When sowing seeds the excellent aeration and water retaining properties of Vermiculite encourage faster germination and improved seedling establishment. Seeds of all sizes can be raised in just vermiculite. This mixture is particularly beneficial for very small seeds. When used as a seed covering it insulates against fluctuations in temperature . When pricking out the addition of Vermiculite will help nutrients to be absorbed and then released slowly to the plant’s root hairs. When potting plants Vermiculite helps to absorb and retain moisture for easy re-wetting. It can also be used to cover pots and delicate plants to insulate them against frost damage.

Application Rate: For best results use at recommended rates.

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