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Henry Bell Suet Cake Variety x 3


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Keep the birds fuelled up no matter the season with the Henry Bell Superior Suet Cake Variety Pack. Rich in cereals, suet, insects, seeds, berries and mealworms, they’re a valuable source of protein and carbohydrates for garden birds.

Feeding your local birds all year round has become increasingly important. Although winter feeding benefits birds most, food shortages can occur at any time of year.

Suitable for feeding from a feeder, table or the ground.

Store in a cool, dry, dark place in a sealed container once opened.

Preparation Usage
There are ever decreasing food resources for wild birds and it is becoming more and more essential that you feed your garden birds all year round. Once you have started please carry on and create a routine as the birds will become reliant upon your help to bring life and vitality into your space. Superior Suet Cakes can be enjoyed from the ground, the bird table or bird feeder all year round. Put out feed regularly and please ensure that there is plenty of fresh water available.

Cereals, suet (min 35%), seeds, mealworm (4%), insect (1%), calcium

Nutritional Data:
Crude Protein: 9.4% Crude Fibres: 0.9% Crude Fat: 35.2% Crude Ash: 0.7%

Safety Warning
A complementary feed for wild birds. This product has been made for feeding wild birds. Not for human consumption. Contains nuts and is packed in an environment where nuts are present. To avoid danger of suffocation, keep this plastic bag away from small children and dispose of responsibly.

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