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Gorilla Glue Original 60ml


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This multipurpose glue is designed to be the ideal adhesive for all your toughest jobs with maximum strength and versatility. As well as being waterproof it is also temperature resistant and suitable for painting, staining and sanding making for easy finishing of jobs.

A little goes a long way with Gorilla, providing a strong bond for most materials, including stone, metal, ceramic, glass wood and foam; it expands 3-4 times in size and develops into a foam in order to penetrate materials, filling gaps and creating a firmer bond. Gorilla have invested extensive testing and product development into creating a cap for the 60ml version which combines a stainless steel metal pin and precision seal to reduce clogging and leave the glue ready to use in an instant.

Waterproof temperature resistant – may be used indoors or outdoors.
Suitable for painting, staining and sanding.
Non-toxic once cured.

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