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Water Filter Refill Brita Maxtra Compatible x 4


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High quality carbon/ion-exchange blend to remove chlorine, taste, odours and limescale. Each cartridge lasts 30 days and is good for 150 litres of filtered water (same as other leading brands).

Fits most jugs, kettles and other Brita Maxtra and Laica Bi-Flux appliances. Offers users of Brita Maxtra and other Maxtra compatible products such as Laica Bi-Flux an economic alternative to their existing filters. Offering comparable flow times to the original product, the same reliable high quality filtration, virtually no carbon discharge on initial use, and the support of a UK based manufacturer.

Will fit most product using this style of cartridge. Included free in every pack is our unique FOB adapter. Should you have tried a compatible before that didn’t work then this simple little device can be used to remedy the problem!

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