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Vitax 6x 100% Natural Fertiliser 15kg


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6X Super Strength Natural Plant Feed plus Soil Conditioner is a completely natural fibrous fertiliser ideal for all soils and is six to eight times richer than farmyard manure.

Fully composted and weed free, 6X only requires one application all season. It provides humus, nutrients and trace elements – all with a neutral pH.

It opens up heavy soils to prevent water logging but will also improve light soils by adding bulk to hold moisture and stabilise the soil.

Main features:
15kg bag of 6X Super Strength Natural Plant Feed plus Soil Conditioner
Up to 6 times richer than farmyard manure for better value
Super strength natural plant feed plus conditioner
Highly concentrated only need to use handfuls, not barrowloads
Only one application per season required
Fully composted weed free
Gardening notes:
For flowers, lawns, fruit vegetables
For allotments gardens
Sufficient to treat 184 sq metres (220 sq yards) at lawn rate of 75 sq metres (90 sq yards) for general digging feeding

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