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Ecover Washing Up Liquid Apple Bergamot 450ml


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Weve worked together with a Belgian beer manufacturer to put some brewery waste ingredients into our new washing up liquid. Its a start.brbrFormula includes at least 25% waste ingredients from the beer brewing process (water + ethanol)..brBottle is made of 100% PCR recycled plastic.brMade in our Zero Waste certified factory.brMade using plant-based and mineral ingredients.brTough on grease.brbrhttps://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=https%3A%2F%2Fi.vimeocdn.com%2Ffilter%2Foverlay%3Fsrc0%3Dhttps%253A%252F%252Fi.vimeocdn.com%252Fvideo%252F813769689_1280x1600.jpg%26src1%3Dhttps%253A%252F%252Ff.vimeocdn.com%252Fimages_v6%252Fshare%252Fplay_icon_overlay.pngimgrefurl=https%3A%2F%2Fvimeo.com%2F359779500tbnid=r-T2fW39nFSpMMvet=10CAUQxiAoA2oXChMIwJHF-4_C6AIVAAAAAB0AAAAAEA4..idocid=a5vhfWawsntfLMw=1280h=1600itg=1q=ecover%20washing%20up%20liquid%20apple%20and%20beved=0CAUQxiAoA2oXChMIwJHF-4_C6AIVAAAAAB0AAAAAEA4

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