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Bird Repeller Spikes 6X33cm (2m)


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Easy-to-install anti-bird spikes to protect fences, window ledges, guttering and roof cavities. Repels pigeons, seagulls and starlings from nesting, perching or roosting on ledges wider than 20 cm.

Durable, weatherproof UV light resistant polycarbonate plastic bird deterrent spikes.
Translucent, lightweight plastic anti-bird spikes are not susceptible to yellowing of the plastic.
Low visibility anti-pigeon spikes, minimise visual impact for non-intrusive protection of buildings.
Kit includes, Defenders All-Weather Silicone Adhesive to secure your spikes to surfaces such as metal, brick, plastic, wood etc.
Adhesive dries to a clear finish.

Pack contains, 6 x 33 cm strip pack (covers 2 m length). 1 x tube of adhesive to secure 2 m (6 strips)

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